Walking hand in hand for education.

Our commitment includes:

  • Financial Aid
  • Being friends for life. We will invite you to our regular friendly get togethers
  • Helping overcome personal problems so you can continue to focus on your work


Your commitment includes:

  • Focus on your education
  • Let us help you with any personal problems
  • Maintain an active email account at all times, as this forms the primary mode of paperless communications.
  • All communications to be addressed to: Hadeel Fatima (hadeel.bokhary@gmail.com) or Naveed Afraz (naveedafraz@gmail.com)
  • Attend get togethers planned once or twice a year where we exchange views regarding the progress of your education programme. We also take this opportunity to get your feed back for improvement of our scholarship programme.
  • Maintain an acceptable level of GPA / CGPA. Any un explained deterioration may attract a review of the scholarship award.

Our joint commitment:

  • To make education a success and help make our world a friendly, compassionate and loving place to live in.

Financial Aid

The following types of financial aid is available depending on the extent of a student’s need.

  1. Tuition Fees with stipend
  2. Tuition Fees only
  3. Stipend only


All financial aid is paid directly to the student into his / her bank account or into the account of the institutions. The following procedure is recommended:

  • The student should open an account in any of the recognized banks.
  • The complete account number should then be given to the Foundation to enable direct transfer of funds.
  • The student submits the Fee invoice and the previous semester GPA / CGPA
  • Funds are transferred as per the invoice.
  • The student pays the fees and sends the receipt to the foundation.
  • Once the fee payment is confirmed, the Foundation can pay the next fee bill.